FSK RF Receiver Module


This 433.92MHZ/315MHZ RF Superheterodyne Receiver Module RWS-433FSK is through WENSHING R&D team assembled many years of experience to develop this high sensitivity FSK receive module. Lost cost, high stable also can provide the best RF solution in the market.
FSK is highly suitable for industry control or bad place for use, strong anti-jamming. Built-in automatic gain circuit (AGC), it will automatically change front-end LNA gain among received signal strength also makes signal output will not be strong or weak signals which caused by phase distortion, so that it can rise higher sensitivity. To receive the local oscillation circuit for the PLL lock loop design, no offset, and stability is high.
Frequency is 433.92MHZ/315MHZ and receiver structure is superheterodyne, received signal is FSK(FM). After received signal, it will output TTL signal to external decoder IC for decoding. It is convenience to applicate in different products and external components is not necessary to make products be wireless also bring value-added for your products.


  • Security System
  • Wireless Remote Control Car
  • Wireless Remote Control Robot
  • Automatic Power Switch Control

Electrical Characteristic

Parameter Specification Unit Condition
Min Type Max
Frequency Range 433.92 MHz
Receiver Sensitivity -107 -108 dBm
Data Rate 0.058 10 Kbaud
Supply Voltage, VDD 2.8 5.5 V DC
Current 22 mA
Operating Temperatrue -20 +70

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