Active Garage Door Control System


RD-747 Active RFID Garage Door Control and TX-800 Active Encryption RFID Remote Control are wireless sensors for automatic Iron Gate control system. You don´t need to waste time to find key and it will automatically open the door or light and so on during effective sensor distance to save your time and power.
RD-747 has a special designed for 95V~230V widely operating voltage and built-in 4 groups of relays (12A/250Vac) also provide diversify using ways, switch design is a user-friendly functional to let you set the mode you required. It also provides an integrated line link so that it can significantly decrease lower error rate and difficulty of construction. Wide application, such as difference types of rolling door, elevators, lighting control products are applicable.

Active Garage Door Control System


  • When you get in/out of the house, it can automatically remote control garage door, light and so on.
    • RFID automatically sensor
    • Use key of remote control
  • Long effective distance
  • Low power consumption
  • No need to find your key
  • Can set effective distance yourselves.
  • Light warning


  • Power : 95V~230V
  • Frequency : 925~928MHz
  • Output Power : 10mW
  • Sensitivity : -110dBm
  • Action Temperature : -10℃ ~+70℃
  • Storage Temperature : -20℃ ~+90℃
  • Distance : 150M (Straight-line distance under open space)


  • Rolling shutter, Garage door, Elevator
  • Automatic light on/off control

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