WiFi Table Call System
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This product is based on WiFi reception, transmission, intelligent mobile phone through in the connection, can listen to your voice or PC to receive file data etc., powerful, symbol of the trend today, let the customer get the most intimate, the most rapid and quality service.Call the product application and hospital waiting room and took medicine window, voice intercom, meeting monitoring, iron highway administration service hall and ticketing call, call playground all kinds of recreational facilities, catering industry called meal service, banks and commercial...
Waiting is a trouble for everyone. This product will let your waiting be more efficient. Unique design let user can bring host to everywhere and don´t need to care about the place you stay. Furthest distance can be up to 1Km and sub-machine can receive the signals from host and easy to bring, new and beautiful appearance. It is powerful, w...
Service Caller System
High sensitivity wireless connection with up to 150 meters transmits range. Install up to 998 service calling systems in single area. 16 types of service tone selections with adjustable volume. Low battery LED indicator.
Dialogue device is wireless two-way voice transmission products and it takes 925~928MHz. Mainly provide wireless two-way voice transmission and includes a complete RF and audio circuits, particularly suitable for short-range two-way conversation, health and walkie-talkie service, call systems, the use of a wide range.
WS-MRDD 3C message receive device used the newest RF power save technology. It is very small and light also can let user type what they want and send whole message out without through calling base. Through WSUSBHPA1B41 Wireless USB High Power Transceiver, you can send whole messages to another one during receivable range; it is convenience and s...